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Message from CEO George Okada

We aspire to become your World's most reliable laser partner. CEO George Okada

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20th century was all about “Electronics” which became the source of all major innovations. We all know that our lives were strongly influenced by the emergence of technologies such as computers and internet.
However, as innovation has recently progressed widely and rapidly, problems that cannot be solved with existing technologies have significantly increased, slowing down the speed of newer innovation.
So, what is the new technology that will solve these problems for the next generations?

We are confident that “Laser technology” is one of the fundamental technologies to impulse various innovations for the next generation.
Laser technologies are already used in many practical fields such as high-speed communications, material processing, medical treatment, gene analysis and more. Additionally, “Optical Computer” technology is expected to maximize the speed of complicated calculations compared to present electronic computers, and “Laser Fusion” technology is expected to achieve an infinite energy source, which is a dream of humankind.

We had been focusing on implementing Laser technologies into industrial applications since our foundation in 2004. By dedicating substantial efforts and significant resources providing various laser solutions for every customers, we came to a level capable of developing a completely new “High-Power” pulse laser technology, which it is characterized for its “High-Speed” & “High-Quality” micromachining capabilities compared to conventional mechanical processes.

By combining our Optics, Mechanics, Electronics and Software engineering expertise, we have become one of the very few laser manufacturers in the world, capable of providing the best “One Stop Laser Solution” service for our customers.

World’s most reliable partner in Laser technology.

A company believed to be in this status is our goal.

Who could have imagined today’s affluent society achieved by various electronic evolutions during the early days when transistors were first being put into use?
“Laser” is the next industrial seed similar to “Transistors” in the electronics industry. Just like how the transistor technology created the enormous electronics industry, the same can be expected from laser technology, that can be applied in an extremely wide range of areas including manufacturing, medical services like regenerative medicine, agriculture, drug discovery, chemistry, textiles, communications, security and more. We believe that Laser is one of the few technologies that has the potential of bringing revolutionary innovations to our future society.
We, Spectronix, will contribute to every customer’s business growth and innovations by dedicating our resources to provide the world’s best “Laser Solutions”, and making our Laser technologies easy to use for everyone.

Origin of our Company Name

Spectronix Leading Science to Industrial Applications
  • Spectrum

    The breakdown and arrangement of light by wavelength

  • Electronics

    The integration and use of new electronics technologies

  • X

    Continuing to challenge unknown markets and new technologies

Company Information

Spectronix Corporation
Head Office 3-28-15, Tarumi-cho, Suita-city, Osaka, 564-0062, JAPAN
Phone: (+81)6-6155-6511
Fax : (+81)6-6155-7076
Founded April 21, 2004
CEO George Okada

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