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Privacy Policy

Visitors to the Spectronix website can access most services without providing personal information. However, please be aware that some parts of this site cannot be accessed without providing personal information.

We take the protection of your personal information seriously and handle it appropriately as follows.

1. About personal information
Personal information is information which can be used to identify a specific person or something distinguishable such as an address, name, telephone number, or e-mail address.
2. Collection of personal information
We only collect information from you directly, via this website.

And we collect your information only for the purposes shown on this page.
3. Management and handling of information
We implement, through the adoption of necessary and appropriate security measures, the secured storage of personal information, including protection from disclosure, loss or damages. We delete personal information when it is no longer necessary to keep it.
4. Usage

We use personal information for the following purposes.

  • 1) For offering our services through this website
  • 2) For improving the environment of this website.
  • 3) For operation and management of this website
  • 4) For surveys and information gathering about our website and our services.
  • 5) For sending information about our products and services
  • 6) For communication between users and us

We don't use personal information for other purposes without the consent of the individual.

5. Disclosure

We may share your personal information only in the following situations.

  • 1) When you agree to the disclosure of your information.
  • 2) When we receive a written request for the information from a public agency or their subcontractors.
  • 3) When we are not able to get your agreement and the urgency of opening your information is hazardous to life or properties.
  • 4) When we transfer our business or a part of our business pertinent to our website to third parties
6. Disclosure, Corrections, Suspension of use
We will appropriately handle first person demands for disclosure, corrections, or suspension of the use of personal information.